BWC Increases Safety Grants Funding to $70 million – Deadline for Safety Grant Approaches

BWC Increases Safety Grants Funding to $70 million – Deadline for Safety Grant

Ohio BWC secured approval to spend $70 million in fiscal years 2020 and 2021 on grants for Ohio employers to improve workplace safety. BWC increased the funding to $35 million a year, a 75% increase over the agency’s current two-year budget for the program.  This increase comes just in time as Ohio employers seek grants from the BWC to invest in safety measures. Employers now have until March 31, 2020 to apply for funds in this year’s fiscal budget.

Employers who miss that deadline must wait until July 1st, the first day to apply for fiscal 2021 funding, under BWC’s popular program.  Funded by employer premiums, the Safety Grants program has already reached its 2020 appropriation of $20 million.   However, the BWC’s Board of Directors approved the increase at its January 31st meeting to distribute the additional funds to Ohio employers.  Applications for fiscal 2020 funds via U.S. mail must be postmarked no later than March 31st. The online
application service will close after March 31st and not re-open until July 1, 2020 the first day of fiscal year 2021.

The March 31st deadline applies to the following grants:
• Safety Intervention
• Employers Working with Persons with Developmental Disabilities
• Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements
• School Safety and Security
• Workplace Wellness
The Safety Grants, providing up to $40,000 per employer and supporting a range of employer types, are available to all Ohio state-fund, private and public taxing district employers to purchase equipment to eliminate or reduce workplace hazards. Find more information on the Safety Grants program.
BWC Expands Worker Recovery Program

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) joined the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Clark, Greene, and Madison counties on February 4, 2020, to announce the board’s participation in BWC’s Substance Use Recovery and Workplace Safety Program (SUR-WSP).  Among its features, BWC’s program incentivizes local employers to hire, better manage, and retain workers in recovery from substance use disorder by funding drug screenings and special training for managers who work with those in recovery.

SUR-WSP launched in October, 2018 in three pilot counties: Montgomery, Ross, and Scioto. Other counties participating in the program are Pike, Adams, Lawrence, Scioto, Mahoning, Lorain, CrawfordMarion, and Paint Valley.
BWC funds cover the following:
• Reimbursement for pre-employment, random and reasonable suspicion drug testing.
• Training for managers/supervisors to help them better manage a workforce that includes individuals in recovery.

More information about the program can be found on the BWC Website.


BWC unveils new trenching safety grants and website

BWC recently launched a new $2 million safety grant program to assist employers in purchasing equipment to protect their workers while working in trenching and excavating situations.

BWC’s Trench Safety Grant Program provides 4-to-1 matching funds, up to $12,000, to Ohio private and public employers covered by the State Insurance Fund who wish to purchase equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses associated with trenching and excavation. The grant funds can assist employers in purchasing safety equipment, such as trench boxes and hydraulic shoring. Along with the grant, BWC will provide training and educational materials for employers to share with their employees on basic requirements of trench safety.

Visit for links to trenching safety information and tips, training, and publications.


HCF, a family-owned and operated healthcare organization

HCF Blog post

HCF Blog post

HCF, a family-owned and operated healthcare organization in Lima, recently held its annual Platinum Club celebration across the company. Platinum Club members are those HCF Family of Company employees who have been employed for 20 years or more. Each year the Platinum Club meets to celebrate their impressive length of service and to recognize their
loyalty and dedication to HCF. However, most importantly, to appreciate and respect the many years each member has devoted to providing outstanding care to our residents.

The event is celebrated with a nice meal, a pin, a ribbon for their name tag, a gift, and recognition. During our first Platinum Club celebration in 1998, we celebrated 80 employees with 20 years or more of dedicated service. This year in 2019, we celebrated 368 employees with 20 years or more of service. A handful of employees are now even “double Platinum,” with 40 or more years of commitment to the organization. HCF is recognized as a leader in longterm care and is proud of its distinguished record of quality care. This is made possible through the hard work of a large group of caring and dedicated employees who believe in the company’s mission. Loyalty, dedication and certainly persistence describe the members of HCF’s Platinum Club. We are family and through dedication to duties, we show devotion to the ones we love.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all employees and especially Platinum Club members for the many years of compassion and loving care is shown to our residents.

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The Met

The Met Lima OH

Now in our 6th year, The Met has become a staple for downtown Lima. Since its humble beginning as a wine bar, The Met has transformed itself time and time again by continually expanding and evolving to meet the needs of Lima and the surrounding communities. We’re at a point now where we offer a full range of culinary, drink, and event options for both lunch and dinner. In a short 6 years, The Met has more than doubled its indoor seating, added outdoor seating, increased the size of its kitchen, and added private event/large party rooms to our historic building on the corner of Main and North.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from the Lima community, The Met has its sights on further growth as we’re set to open a brand-new space in the Summer of 2019 in what was previously Nitza’s. In this space, we’ll offer another full kitchen, full bar, indoor and outdoor seating to give the community even more dining options. But don’t think we’re going to stop there! We will continue to grow in Downtown Lima as we have our sights set on the opening of Lima’s first brewery in 2020!

Of course, we could never have done all of this if it wasn’t for the one of a kind atmosphere that our employees and staff have cultivated over the years. The Met strives to be that great third place. The Met has ushered in the renewal of the neighborhood gathering establishment that, to many, is a nostalgic remnant of time too long ago to remember. Here, we celebrate our history, diversity and the people of the City of Lima, Allen County and the surrounding counties that play, live and work in our City. We’re a restaurant that strives to bring well-paying jobs back to the city of Lima and fosters a sense of wonder and creativity that attracts some of the brightest and forward-thinking people that the region has to offer. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the revitalization of Downtown Lima and hope that the surrounding community continues to drink the same “Kool-Aid” as we do in believing that Downtown Lima is truly a great place to live, work, play, and of course, dine!

Check out this video!  

Learn more about The Met


Quality Construction…90 years and going strong

Tuttle Services, Inc. is the parent company to Tuttle Construction and Touchstone CPM. Tuttle Construction’s beginnings date back to 1928 as a general contractor and has continued to evolve and grown to provide general contracting and specialty self-perform services to diverse industry markets.  Touchstone CPM (sister company to Tuttle Construction) is a professional construction planning and management firm with experience in a variety of project delivery methods including design-build, construction manager, and construction manager at risk. Both Tuttle Construction and Touchstone CPM bring proven experience delivering on budget and on schedule solutions for clients in various markets including: industrial, commercial, faith-based, institutional, government, educational, and healthcare.

We believe in continuous quality standards and hold ourselves to a higher level than most construction companies.  Tuttle is ISO 9001:2008 certified which means quality management systems are implemented within the organization, resulting in increased productivity, reducing unnecessary costs, and ensuring quality processes and end products. These business efficiencies result in our clients receiving high quality construction solutions that consistently exceed customer’s expectations.

Protecting our environment and utilizing sustainable materials in building projects is important to Tuttle. Proof of this are the six LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) professionals on staff who go above and beyond to ensure each project evaluates the use of energy efficient and green building materials for building projects.

Operating on a philosophy based on professional ethics and high standards, Tuttle Services, Tuttle Construction and Touchstone CPM is driven to deliver successful projects that surpass our customer’s expectations and foster long-term business relationships.

An owner’s power to determine the success of a project depends largely upon the selected type of project delivery system (PDS). Owners are encouraged to gain as much understanding as possible in order to select the project delivery system most appropriate to their project’s needs.

Tuttle offers a range of delivery services to meet any project’s needs, including:

  • General Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Design-Build

One of the ways we continue to deliver greater value to our customers is through our dedication and ability to self-perform certain critical trades. By performing fundamental scopes of work, we are able to offer you more control, as well as set the tone and pace of the project. While we believe strongly in the benefits of self-perform work for our customers, we always remain flexible and committed to doing what is best for you and your project.

Tuttle operates a highly skilled and capable workforce. Over the years, the experience gathered by Tuttle’s trade professionals has led to a heritage of high-quality workmanship. Tuttle self-performs the following work:

  • Concrete
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Steel Erection Our team has helped our clients achieve their facility needs through open and honest communication and continue providing high-quality construction services. Tuttle’s client base is very diverse and spans a wide range of business sectors including:
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Faith-Based
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial When you partner with Tuttle, you’ll find the experience, expertise, and integrity necessary to manage and complete your next project on time and within budget.

Tuttle Services is more than just builders and construction managers… We are your construction partners.

880 Shawnee Road, Lima, OH 45805               

Data Security is a problem for the Small and Medium sized business. Don’t be naïve in thinking it’s not a threat to your business and ignore it.

Data Security is a problem for the Small and Medium sized business. Don’t be naïve in thinking it’s not a threat to your business and ignore it.

Small/medium businesses are the target of cyber theft at unprecedented levels. This targeting is the direct result of the lack of awareness of their individual threat and the proper preparation and safeguards to ensure that they are not another negative statistic.

While having the proper IT/MSP support is very important, this will not by itself result in averting the number one cause of cyber intrusion and theft; EMPLOYEE ERROR! Over 90% of cyber theft and breaches is the direct result of employee error. It is vital that employees understand that their behavior is critical to the protection of theirs and their client’s information. It’s important for owners and managers to make their employees assets in this area at protecting theirs as well as their client’s information.

When owners and managers are made aware of the employee error problems and that the IT/MSP industry cannot successfully address human behavior, they want to make the improvements necessary to change the outcome.

The IT industry is now spending over $100 billion annually. In the face of this historic spending to prevent intrusion by cyber bad actors; the number of incidents grew over 412% in 2018 over 2017. In 2017 it was estimated that there were over 4000 daily incidents of cyber intrusion. A few statistics:

1. $188,000 is the cost to SMB’s of a cyber breach.

2. 90% of all SMB’s are out of business within 24 months of a data breach/loss

3. 60% are closed within six months.

4. 63% (and climbing as the cost go ever higher) of SMB’s lack the resources to combat the negative effects of a breach or data loss.

5. 67% of all cyber threat is now directed at the SMB

6. 90% of all breaches are the result of human error.

The solution: ensure that all measures are implemented to educate and train employees in their behavior in properly handling information, but digital and nondigital alike, including what they say or work they take home in the form of files or phone conversation they have. Of course, the errors that are caused by phishing emails, ransomware, and other digital threats must be understood to act appropriately as well. It is important that employees know why their individual role and activity are important to the safety and health of their company and clients. When they understand the ‘Why” they will let the IT person take care of it.

All programs to accomplish behavioral change must be simple, affordable and effective. It should have the right education and balance of training that results in the reduction of employee error to reduce the risk that they face every day. The program should map all education and training for the industry they are in and serve to the appropriate and up to date policy and procedures. This is critical to be able to show that the company has acted responsibly based on their size scope and complexity.

Working together we can reduce the number of incidents resulting in employee error and keep more SMB’s succeeding and doing what they love and enjoy which is building their business successfully and serving their client’s needs knowing that they have done all that they can do to protect their information.

Truvincio website home page:

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Lima/Allen County Employers Earn Workplace Safety Recognition

Lima/Allen County Employers Earn Workplace Safety Recognition

In conjunction with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Division of Safety & Hygiene, the West Central Ohio Safety Council presents safety awards to promote greater interest in the prevention of occupational accidents and disease. Members with the highest safety records were honored at the WCOSC 63rd annual awards banquet in Lima.

Awards were presented to qualifying businesses in the following categories:
Group Award – lowest incident rate in each group;
100% Award – zero injuries or illnesses resulting in a day or more away from work in the previous calendar year;
Achievement Award – a 25-percent reduction in the incident rate from the previous year;
Special Award – at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury resulting in a day or more away from work.
On April 9th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) honored 49 local employers for zero injuries or illnesses resulting in a day or more away from work in the previous calendar year.
“A healthy workforce is crucial to ensuring that Ohio’s economy remains strong, and I applaud these businesses for their commitment to workplace safety,” said Governor DeWine. “These Allen County employers have demonstrated a commitment to safety, and I congratulate them on this special

The employers listed below, members of the West Central Ohio Safety Council, received BWC’s 100% Award during the Safety Council’s annual awards ceremony on April 9, 2019.
Adriel, Inc.
Allen County Council on Aging
Allen Co Regional Transit Auth.
Allied Environmental Services, Inc.
American Trim, OCP
Area Agency on Aging 3
Bluffton University
BRP Manufacturing Company
Budde Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Comfort Keepers
Custom Staffing Lima
Custom Staffing-Wapakoneta
Degen Excavating Co., Inc.
Fort Amanda Specialties LLC
Frost Roofing Inc.
Guardian, Lima
Habitat for Humanity
HCF Management, Inc.
Hoffman Analytic Services, Inc.
Hydrofresh LTD
INEOS Lima Chemicals
Innocor Foam Technologies
Interdyne Corp.
International Tank Service, Inc.
Jacobs Industrial Services
Kahle Electric Inc.
Krendl Machine Co.
LaKing Trucking Inc.
Lima Millwork
Lima Sheet Metal
Lost Creek Healthcare & Rehabilitation
M & W Construction
McBride Brothers, Inc.
R. A. Flynn & Son, Inc.
R.D. Jones Excavating, Inc.
Smith-Boughan, Inc.
Sparta Electric Inc.
Spencerville Local Schools
T & D Interiors, Inc.
Thermal Technology
Toledo Mechanical Insulation
Trisco Systems, Inc.
Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Warehouse Associates, LP
Wright Distribution Center
Wright Logistics
Wright Pallet, Inc.
Wright Refuse Inc.

Media Coverage:


For more information about the West Central Ohio Safety Council please contact Deb Katzenmeyer, Safety Council Manager at or 419-222-6045.

Written by: Deb Katzenmeyer, Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce

Increase your company’s sales and profitability

Each year the U.S. government procures goods and services from businesses like yours totaling more than $500 Billion! Some of that money needs to be spent on companies manufacturing goods and providing services in west central and northwest Ohio. Our goal at the Rhodes State College Northwest Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is to educate, train and encourage businesses to be successful in government contracting at the federal, state and/or local level.

Most small businesses need help in understanding the process of contracting with government agencies: how to start, what is needed, where to find opportunities and how to bid.  We work one-on-one with each client, often in person– and all of our services are free.  This PTAC is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense
Logistics Agency, Ohio Development Services Agency and Rhodes State College.

Our services help with:

  • Identifying potential agencies that buy your goods/services
  • Obtaining Free Bid-Match Service
  • Finding Federal/State/Local agency bid opportunities as a prime or sub-contractor
  • Completing the necessary registrations to sell to the government. entities
  • Assessing eligibility and complete certifications for small business preference categories such as
    8(a), HUBZone, Veteran, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned, minority business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Encouraging Diversity,
    Growth & Equity (EDGE)
  • Developing sales and marketing strategies geared toward government customers
  • Understanding solicitations and assist with the bid proposal process
  • Recommending training workshops on specific contracting topics

In general, PTAC services are geared towards established companies who have been in business for at least a year and have over $25,000 in average annual sales. If you are interested in putting another tool in your toolbox to increase your company’s sales and profitability, please take a moment to register as a new PTAC client at:
Click on CLIENT REGISTRATION (along with the top of the webpage) and then complete as much of the information as possible. If you don’t know something, leave it blank. Then scroll to the bottom of the
page and hit SUBMIT. When your registration is received you will get a phone call to set a date and time to meet to determine if government contracting is a marketplace you would like to develop.

Let’s bring more of your tax dollars back to west central and northwest Ohio!

Kent Kahn
Northwest Ohio PTAC Coordinator
Workforce, Economic Development, and Continuing Education
Keese Hall 141
4240 Campus Drive
Lima, Ohio 45804


Lima’s Growth Continues

Lima’s Growth Continues

In 2014, the Columbus Dispatch ran a story debating which economy, Columbus or Cleveland, was more vibrant. In the article, it stated that “Lima showed the strongest growth last year in Ohio at 7.9 percent, led by a strong boost in manufacturing. That growth rate was the ninth largest in the
country.” Great news for Lima; unfortunately, those two sentences were the last lines of the article! 

The good news was that Lima’s growth didn’t go unnoticed by Governor, John Kasich. Local growth led him to do his State of the State address at Memorial Hall in Lima that year. Since others have noticed Lima as well and as a place for growth and to conduct business.

If anybody’s keeping score, a couple of thousand jobs were or are in process of being created: with a couple of hundred new jobs each, give-or-take, at Dana Corporation, P&G, General Dynamics, Pratt Industries, Airstream, and Husky. In addition, Mercy Health St. Rita’s is adding a graduate medical education program that will add one-hundred medical students doing their residency programs here.

This growth is the byproduct of good infrastructure namely, the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce, Allen Economic Development Corporation and Greater Lima Region, Inc. Additionally, Ohio Means Jobs, Maker Fest, and other organizations are helping to let our youth and outside the industry to know that available jobs (1,200 at present) are available right here at home.
This is exciting to witness along with the growing pride that we make things in Lima. We make Ford engines, Honda subframes, the Abrams tank, gasoline, most of the liquid Tide and among other things for goodness sake, all the NFL’s footballs in America, are made right here in our region.

Written by: David Murphy

Who is your target market?

Many members will say they invest in the Chamber to network and increase exposure for their business. It’s well known that the Chamber programs are well attended by a diverse group of business leaders. But how do you determine if you are meeting your target market? Have you reviewed your business plan to understand your ideal customers and the most effective way to increase your market share?

We realize business leaders are busy with the day to day operation of running your business. When you take time out of the office to attend an event, you want to make sure your networking is giving you the results you are seeking. The Chamber has aligned our programs to a specific audience that provides effective use of your time.

The quarterly Women in Business luncheon draws over 100 women from a wide variety of businesses – both large and small. Marketing to women has become very focused as they tend to be the primary decision maker in many areas, such as health care, wellness, and home purchases. The addition of a leadership development segment provides an educational component.

The all new Chamber University targets human resource managers and small business owners/managers. Workforce is the number one issue facing business leaders. This program will present valuable information on human resource topics and will provide a venue for you to network with those individuals making decisions related to their personnel and benefit packages.

Lima Young Professionals caters to the 40 and under business leaders and provides many opportunities for mentoring, community education, volunteerism, and leadership development. They represent a unique group of potential clients who are in the early stages of investing in real estate, cars, finances, and numerous products that allow you to build long-term working relationships.

These are just a few brief examples of ways for you to find new clients. If you need more information on how the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce can assist you in connecting with your target market, contact Cindy Tenwalde at or 419-236-8090. We want to learn more about your business and how you can get the greatest value on your investment in your Chamber.