Greater Lima Region

The Greater Lima Region, Inc., replaces the Allen County Visionaries organization, a group of businesses that supported half of the Allen Economic Development Group’s activities. The new organization is taking a regional approach with an emphasis on growing the region’s workforce. 

The Greater Lima Region, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt private non-profit corporation with a strategic focus to redevelop and revitalize the greater Lima, Ohio region. 


Promoting community and economic development in the Region; 

Overseeing projects and programs designed to strengthen and improve the Region; 

Improving the economy of the Region by developing, attracting, expanding and retaining business, industrial, educational, cultural, civic, community and other enterprises in the Region; 

Assisting with workforce development including by developing, attracting, expanding and retaining jobs for the people of the Region; 


Mission – Communities will work across boundaries to grow our region through business growth and capital investment. 


  • Goal 1 – Grow employment in the Greater Lima Region by 22,000 jobs and provide the qualified regional workforce to fill those jobs. 
  • Goal 2 – Be recognized and viewed as an ideal location for new businesses to locate and existing businesses to expand. 
  • Goal 3 – Be recognized nationally as one of the most livable communities in the Midwest.