Sullivan Insurance

May 8, 2024
In the heart of Lima, Ohio at 606 W. North St. stands Sullivan Insurance—a testament to resilience, dedication, and the power of familial legacy. It all began with Regis Sullivan, a man whose journey through life mirrored the ebbs and flows of his beloved town. From humble beginnings in 1919, Regis found his calling in the insurance industry in the early forties. Through perseverance and a keen eye for opportunity, he rose through the ranks of Baker-Davisson-Soliday Insurance, eventually birthing Sullivan Insurance in 1947. Originally located at 43 Town Square (First National Bank building), the agency became a cornerstone of

Jenny Holtsberry

April 2, 2024
CELEBRATING A REMARKABLE CAREER: THE JOURNEY OF JENNY HOLTSBERRY Born on August 11, 1959, and raised in the heart of Lima, Ohio, Jenny Holtsberry’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and embracing change. From humble beginnings as a bus girl at Gregg’s Department Store to her illustrious tenure as the Digital Marketing Manager at The Lima News, Jenny’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Jenny’s foray into the professional world began at the tender age of 15 when she took on the role of a bus girl at the restaurant in Gregg’s Department Store. Little

Biggby Coffee

March 13, 2024
Adam Rector was born and bred in Lima, Ohio, a town that held his roots deep within its soil. Raised amidst the gentle hum of Midwest life, he grew up witnessing the simple yet profound connections that knit communities together. But it was his mother's venture into entrepreneurship that would shape the course of his life.