Chamber Leads Network

The Leads Network consists of non-competitive businesses taking advantage of opportunities to build business relationships, gain business advice, and generate quality business leads.  The Chamber’s Leads Network offers groups at different times/dates to accommodate most schedules.  When joining the Leads Network, you are assigned to a leads group comprised of a maximum of 25 business people from companies in diverse industries.  No competitors will be placed in the same group.  Each group meets weekly to exchange business leads and hear testimonials from others whose leads have generated increased sales!  Each leads group elects a moderator and is assigned a Chamber staff partner to assist the group.  

There is a quarterly $25 fee for participation – and members are allowed 3 absences per 6-month period.  Substitutes from member companies may attend in the absence of a group member.  Habitual absences may result in your removal from the group to allow others the opportunity to network.  

Current meeting times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:00 am; new as of 2024, Wednesday at 2:00 pm.

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Questions?  Contact Communications at 419.222.6045 or

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