Workers Compensation

The Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Sheakley for over 30 years to help employers save on Workers Compensation premiums.

Workers’ compensation premiums and unemployment taxes can be some of the most expensive costs of doing business in Ohio. As one of the most experienced third-party administrators (TPA) in the industry, we work with more than 16,000 employers to reduce these expenses through savings opportunities like Group Rating, Group Retrospective Rating, the Drug-Free Safety Program, and Self-Insurance for workers’ compensation.

We understand that eliminating workplace accidents by maintaining a safe work environment is critical to eliminating injuries that result in costly workers’ compensation claims. We provide consultation, on-site training, and web-based presentations to over 9,300 employees, supervisors, and human resource consultants annually on topics related to accident prevention.

Our reputation for excellence and reliability is the direct result of our people. We’ve developed processes and team structures to leverage the strengths of our employees. With specialized teams for the administration of safety, handicap reimbursement, lump-sum settlements, tax and rate underwriting, and hearing representation our clients get more individualized focus on each aspect of their programs. We’ll partner with you to create tailored Plans of Action so that you can make the best decisions for your organization!

Just click here for the temporary authorization form or contact Mike Cicak at Sheakley at 1-800-877-5055 ext. 6203 or Deb Katzenmeyer at 419-222-6045.   

*If you don’t qualify for the traditional Group Rating program, you may qualify for Sheakley’s Group Retrospective rating program.