Biggby Coffee

March 13, 2024

Adam Rector was born and bred in Lima, Ohio, a town that held his roots deep within its soil. Raised amidst the gentle hum of Midwest life, he grew up witnessing the simple yet profound connections that knit communities together. But it was his mother’s venture into entrepreneurship that would shape the course of his life.

In 2009, while Adam was a junior studying psychology at Miami University, his mother took a bold step and opened a Biggby Coffee shop in Lima. Little did Adam know that this would become more than just a family business – it would become a cornerstone of his identity.

During summers, Adam found himself drawn to the bustling atmosphere of the coffee shop. He didn’t just serve lattes and cappuccinos; he brewed conversations and forged relationships with the regulars who walked through the door. The experience left an indelible mark on him, igniting a passion for community and connection.

After graduating from Miami University, Adam realized that his heart belonged not just to understanding people’s minds but also to enriching their lives. He saw Lima as more than just a place to reside – it was a haven of livability, where the warmth of familiarity and the ease of everyday life overshadowed the allure of big-city lights.

With a keen eye for fostering meaningful interactions, Adam ventured into owning Biggby Coffee shops in Maumee, focusing on customer engagement and genuine connections. In 2013, he expanded his reach to Toledo, where he not only grew his business but also found love in Mary Wiechart, a woman who shared his vision for a future rooted in Lima.

Their decision to relocate to Lima in 2016 marked a pivotal moment. Adam sold his Toledo stores, while his mother entrusted him with 50% ownership of the Lima franchise. Together, Adam and Mary embraced their roles as stewards of their community, carrying forward the legacy of their families who had long been pillars in Lima.

The Biggby Coffee shops they owned didn’t operate like typical franchises. They were hubs of warmth and familiarity, where baristas knew customers by name, and conversations flowed freely like the coffee pouring from the espresso machines. People didn’t just come for a caffeine fix; they came for a sense of belonging.

In November 2022, another milestone marked their journey – the opening of a third Biggby Coffee location in Lima Memorial Hospital. Adam had transitioned to full ownership of all three shops, and with that came a renewed sense of responsibility. He saw his business not just as a means of profit but as a platform for positive change in Lima.

For Adam, the true value of his coffee shops wasn’t just in the quality of the brew but in the gift of connection they offered. Every dollar spent there was an investment in the community, a testament to the belief that small acts of kindness and camaraderie could ripple outward, transforming Lima for the better.

As Adam stood behind the counter of his beloved coffee shop, exchanging smiles and stories with familiar faces, he knew that he was exactly where he was meant to be – in the heart of Lima, savoring the sweet blend of coffee and community that made his hometown truly special.


Biggby Lima West – 717 N. Cable Rd. facebook – (419) 999-9262 – MAP

Biggby Lima East – 1519 Harding Hwy. – facebook – (567) 289-9434 – MAP

Biggby Lima Memorial Hospital – 1001 Bellefontaine Ave. – (419) 221-6181 – MAP



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